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Modern Manhood: The Podcast

This podcast will mostly concentrate on the lives and viewpoints of many different male voices talking about their own masculinity. The biggest problem we have as males is that we don't talk about our own experiences and problems about our own manhood. And that being a man now looks a lot different that it used to be, or that we think it is.

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So how we balance being a father, a brother, a son, and an ally in the modern world? That's what I want to talk about. If you would like to be on the podcast to talk about masculinity and your experience pls email me at

Feb 17, 2020

Cleo Stiller is the writer of Modern Manhood: Conversations about the Complicated World of Bring a Good Man Today, and we had an awesome chat about the book Modern Manhood, (obviously our values align here) and where the conversation about some of these tough issues around gender begin, and where we can go. 

As well,...

Feb 2, 2020

(CW: Sexual Assault)

I know of Kobe Bryant. I know the titles, I know the 81 points, I know when he wanted to be called Black Mamba like in Kill Bill, I know the commercials, I have even said “Kobe!” when I shoot paper basketballs at garbage cans. I also know about the rape case, I know about Denver, I know about...